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Department of Prefabrication of Steel Structures
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Department of Prefabrication of Steel Structures

Our steel construction plant is equipped with machines and devices that allow you to make various types of constructions in a wide range of products.

We perform, among others:

  • constructions of halls and steel beams,
  • canopies,
  • platforms,
  • supporting structures,
  • railing,
  • car bodies,
  • balustrades,
  • pallets,
  • transport baskets,
  • building containers,
  • posts and structures of acoustic screens,
  • for structures for solar screens,

and any steel structures depending on the individual wishes of customers.

As a manufacturer of steel constructions, we offer our clients comprehensive services, which is especially important during the implementation of such complex projects as construction and others.

We also offer services in the area of:

  • Mounts
  • Renovation and repairs
  • Machining

Punching and stamping on presses.

The high quality of the services we provide can be confirmed by numerous references, whose rich array we enrich over the years.

Our motto is the highest quality and 100%

client satisfaction !

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